Around 1790, the Hudson Bay Company fur trading post was established at Moose Lake in an area where Aboriginal people frequently fished. The availability of fish especially during the long winter months was of great importance as a reliable food resource for Aboriginal peoples as well as fur traders. A lot of independent traders traded at this post (Hopkins and Smith 1982, p. 1). Moose Creek, just south of southern Moose Lake has small rapids that stay open year-around. Open rapids were essential for the survival of Native people and traders during the long winter months. These rapids were rich in fish that were relatively easily caught there. In the Cree language ‘Moose Lake’ is referred to as a ‘meeting place.’

Economic Development enables the community to prosper and is the key to self-sufficiency. Governance should be a reflection of the people. Everyone has a responsibility in the governance
of the community.
The Environment is part of us and we are part of the environment; its health as a reflection of health.