MCN Government and Admin Building looking like a reality

With Mosakahiken Cree Nation continuing to move forward with positive strides, the current leaders are very proud to announce the building of a new MCN Government and Admin Building. This building will be located North of the newly built Health Centre and will house the current Administration and Leaders along with a Council Chambers, boardrooms and break off division sections and staff offices. The entrance will be incredible with a seating area for members and guests, reception and fully functional administration support. The current cost is approximately $3 million with a portion coming from grant submissions and portion from a loan that will be paid by the regular administration fee charges, along with special project dollars from own source revenues.

“We have been discussing with staff and advisors for some time now. And now that the drawings and pricing are available, we are able to move forward on this incredible and needed project”, said Chief Tobacco. Current Councillors have passed the project with consensus and all believed that this will be a great step towards good governance and administration. Construction will begin after the feasibility study is finalized and a construction company is assigned. For more News: click here

MCN Business Development Corporation (MCNBDC) opens positions for Board of Directors

The MCNBDC is opening the position of Board of Directors (BOD) to its members. The current Chief and Council serving as BOD are interim. As of today, four (4) members are needed to sit on the Board for a two-year term. Three (3) council members will remain on to keep as direct link to the government of MCN.

Interested members must send an application with a cover letter, resume and an essay on what contributions that you would share that could benefit you and the MCNBDC?

Members with records on charges of fraud or bankruptcy will not be eligible to apply. Applicants knowledgeable in business finances, corporate law and structured management will be an asset.

A monthly honorarium will be given to the BoD and attendance to all meetings is a requirement. There is a strict attendance policy along with an arm’s length distance from the day to day operations as it is not the responsibility of the Board to deal with staffing. All staffing requirements are through the management as the structure has been set up that way.

Only members that are selected will be notified. For more News: click here

C-Store and Fuel business locally driven to succeed

Employing local, committed staff has been the motto by the Management since day one, and this drives the MCN Business Development Corporation which owns and operates the business.

The new Management hasn’t hesitated to keep the supplies flowing and the people happy. Clients may come in at anytime, and to provide quality and assurance, Manager Bernice Laliberty is making sure that these shipments by the suppliers are always on time. And as the only business on the Cree Nation,the locally owned MCN C-Store still knows that customers come first!

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HCSA: Hockey Canada Skills Academy

(LEFT) High school students involved in the HCSA program supporting the Humboldt Broncos. (Top row, From L to R) Program Director James MacNamara, Louie Sanderson, undetermined, Kirk Lambert, undetermined, undetermined, Braiden Mcnabb, School Principal: Mr. McDogald) Bottom row: (undetermined, Corey Buck, undetermined, undetermined, undetermined, Milton Patchenose, Kassidy Tobacco

HCSA (Hockey Canada Skills Academy) is a 2 credited program run by James MacNamara for students at Frontier Mosakahiken School which involves 120 schools across Canada. It is with great pleasure that Frontier Mosakahiken School is one of the schools that is part of the program along with Gilliam and Cranberry Portage which are part of the Frontier school division district.

The program involves teaching student’s hockey skills and important values that come along with playing the sport. It also encourages students to stay in school while playing the sport they love. Hockey is a great exercise for the student’s  in regards to their endurance, fitness and flexibility.

The two credits count towards their phys-ed and hockey skills. Since the program started they had 26 and 3 of them being female students this year in the program and anticipate more in the following year. The program not only teaches the students discipline but it also teaches them self-awareness, teamwork, cooperation, socialization and responsibility in being a part of team. Basically students eat, sleep and breed hockey, which brings many emotions along with the sport.

One big thing it is has done for the community since the program started is bring the crimes down since now the kids in the communityhave something to do instead of getting into trouble. If it’s not playing the sport then you could always go support your home team by watching and cheering them on while enjoying a nice snack on the side.

The arena has brought the community together as a whole because many people see it as a meeting place to socialize and have tasty snacks while enjoying entertainment. Whereas before if you wanted to play hockey you would have to constantly be on the road or driving to The Pas for practises.

Now that the area has been built there is no need for that the youth in the community can actually put teams together and practise on their own home ice. Ever since they arena the community has had something positive to look forward to which has lifted the spirits of the youth in the community.

(RIGHT) Frontier Mosakihekan Students and HCSA coming together as a community wearing their jersey’s to support the Humbolt Bronco’s on the tremendous loss in Saskatchen.

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Grand Opening scheduled for Oct. 12 for New Development

Soon, the wait will be over as new development is starting to stir while the MCN Business Center and MCN Sport and Wellness Centre facilities are currently shaping up. Current leadership have been busy with management to assure members of the community, they will experience a memorable grand opening.

The event will begin with a 12:00 noon ribbon cutting at all three locations beginning with the MCN Health Centre, the MCN Business Centre, and concluding with the MCN Sports and Wellness Centre.

“This is truly exciting for all of us, the work our leaders and members have been doing to ensure our development is first class has been great with all our new facilities”, said Chief Jim Tobacco.

We hope to see all the members at the openings and the event after for the BBQ, entertainment and prize giveaways. For more News: click here


Mosakahiken Minor Hockey Association created along with Board of Directors

It is with great jubilation that we announce the creation of our very first Mosakahiken Minor Hockey Association and the appointment of its Board of Directors. Councillor Rosalind Maytwayashing and Boh Kubrakovich both facilitated the meeting. Pam Whitehead who has been with OCN Minor Hockey for the past four years was also at the meeting to assist. “This is great for our community and really good for our youth”, said Councillor Rosalind Maytwayashing.

“Our vision in the building of the Community Sports and Wellness Centreis to enhance our youth and it is great to see our community members empower themselves in the startup of our very own Minor Hockey Association”, said Chief Jim Tobacco.

Kubrakovich who helped start the OCN Blizzard and the startup of the OCN Hockey Development/Minor Hockey 23 years ago was honoured to be asked to be part of history in Mosakahiken Cree Nation. “I think it’s great for MCN and its people and especially the youth.Anytime you can have a new facility built itsan amazing feat. Great job to the leaders and members for supporting such a project.You will be amazed on how this new facility will change the community with a very positive step to future development”, said Boh Kubrakovich.

There were 14 community members who attended the meeting at the Band Office boardroom. During the meeting the agenda focused on the board selection along with their role on the volunteer board. Each new board member will be given the stature that they are the pioneers who established the hockey program, which can be the first step in seeing one of our youth making it to the NHL in 10 to 15 years.

The goals of the Minor Hockey Association are to champion the fun of playing hockey and respect for the game. Parents are going to be asked to buy into this process and make sure theMinor Hockey Association is sustained.

We are proud to announce the very first, newly elected Mosakahiken Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors;

President: Alfred Tobacco
1st Vice-President
(I/N/A teams/ Parent/Liaison): Nolan Sinclair
Vice-President - (P/B/M teams/Parent/Liaison):
Delany Patchenose
Secretary: Sherri Lathlin
Treasurer: Bernice Laiberti
Registrar: Ranelda Campbell

Hockey Development
Coach and officials clinics:
Rick Patchenose
Referee-in-Chief/Off-Ice Officials:
Delaney McKay
Equipment Manager: Carson Patchenose

The MCN Minor Hockey Association is arms-length and a not for profit and non-political body there for the betterment of our youth and community. The Board of Directors through the constitution will be elected and appointed through a process annually.

We thank Rosalind Maytwayashing and Pam Whitehead for the motion made to accept the elected members as presented. Boh Kubrakovich has been volunteering to assist with Minor Hockey Association and will be continuing to help once the season opens with the Development Program.

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Community Wellness/Arena Complex a dream come true

It has been discussed for many years, and in 2015 a dream turned to reality when a motion was approvedfrom a portion of its Hydro dollars to fund a project of building a modern day Arena Complex. In this complex, hockey will be played in the winter as primary sport along with broom ball and a skating program. Spring and summer sports will include box lacrosse, indoor soccer, basketball, ball hockey and roller blading activities.

Going beyond as a sports facility, we hope to see religion, cultural events and fundraising activities to keep the complex busy and open for the year, including regular bingos and monster bingos. A monster bingo has been planned for the opening weekend in June. More details will be provided via our news release.

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Business Centre creates a new economy for Mosakahiken Cree Nation

Part of becoming sustainable is the creation of business development. The previous and current leadership has been very direct - that in order to move Mosakahiken forward, the business centre must be built, and is expected to be a success. “The vision to build such a building and businesses is needed so we can create wealth and jobs for our members”, said Chief Jim Tobacco. It is well said and noted when building an economy, stores and wealth opportunities must be the fore front of any community, and MCN is no different. According to the community plan finished in 2010,researchfound that the trapping and fishing economy crashed in the 60’s and since then, minimum jobs has been created. The upcoming business centre will house the MCN Cafe, MCN C-Store and Fuel, MCN Gaming Centre with 30 VLT machines and the MCN Radio Station to cap off a well needed media outlet to get the message across about the centre’s products. The building will be completed shortly and the grand opening is scheduled for the third week in June.

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MCN Café, MCN C-­Store & Fuel, MCN Gaming Centre

We are seeking qualified individuals to fill the positions within the newly created businesses of the MCN Café, MCN C-­Store and Fuel and the MCN Gaming Centre. All three entities are separate and managed by a General Manager from the MCN Business Centre. The MCN Business Centre LP is owned by Okimaw Tipanimisowin Inc. and the Mosakahiken Cree Nation. We are currently looking for Management who are from MCN and fluent in Cree for the following businesses:

MCN Café | MCN C-­Store & Fuel MCN Gaming Centre


If you have any questions or would like the full posting and job description, please do not hesitate to call us at 204.678.2475 or APPLICATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE OR AT THE BAND OFFICE PLEASE FILLED OUT AND SEND IN WITH YOUR RESUME & OPENING LETTER Criminal Check and bondable required to those selected Only applicants who are selected for an interview will be notified.