The new school was a result of a fire in 2005 that destroyed the old Rod Martin School. The review of the new school was prepared from information provided by Stantec Architecture who was the designers of the project. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) was the funding agency, who provided access to the Draft Project Brief which details the project scope, timelines, funding, roles and responsibilities. Stantec provided access to their design through an FTP website to download the PDF format drawings. The selection process did not utilize any of the recommendations from the 1999 Community Plan for the location of the new school site. The new school site has been located at the end of the Airstrip Road. The new school project commenced construction in the spring of 2009 with the completion ready for the 2010/11 school year. Grand opening was done later in the month of September. The school project includes a new 5,110 sq. m. school with gymnasium, 24 classrooms, 34 new teacherages, bus loop and parking stalls. The school is serviced with water and sewer from the new water treatment plant and new lagoon. In addition to the school building, the site has a ball diamond, soccer pitch and outdoor hockey rink. There has been space allotted for a future indoor hockey rink adjacent to the eastside of the school building. The estimated project cost for the school project is approximately $30 Million.

As a Reform Initiative toward Youth and Education An articulated vision is recognizably a critical first step towards establishing the future for students at Mosakahiken Cree Nation. Equally important, however, is the roadmap for accomplishing that vision. Following is a concise action plan that will form the operational strategy of the school for Mosakahiken Cree Nation from a cultural perspective.

Academic Program Development:

1. Goal: Encourage and elevate the level of education within the community, controlling the dropout rate and rejuvenating the interest of student and parents toward education.